As road trips go, sometimes interesting things don’t happen. I don’t know if going to the Dutch Pantry in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania is exciting, but I do like that I got to eat sweet and sour chicken with mashed potatoes for $4. I also like that I got to start the day off with Roos Roast coffee because Michael fortuitously lives down the road.

One of the more interesting things about the trip was the music selection. I don’t have an iPod converter for my car yet, so I told everyone to bring CDs. For me, that mostly means things from when I was in high school, and a few mix CDs that I brought specifically for the trip. Here’s a sample of the music we listened to:

  1. Pink Floyd
  2. Beastie Boys
  3. Katamari Damacy Soundtrack
  4. Awesome bebop jazz
  5. Lots of mix CDs
  6. etc. etc. etc.

We ended the day eating at a pizza joint that also had a lot of Mexican food and beer. That’s kind of the long and short of it. I also had the pleasure/discomfort of driving in Manhattan traffic around 8pm.

See you tomorrow!