Today I was at the WCBN station for a very special reason: Pledge Training. No, this isn’t to be initiated into the WCBN cult (that happens way earlier), but it’s to learn how to take donations for our annual fundraiser, starting today, February 10th, and goes through next week until Sunday February 19th. Taking pledges is a much more complicated process than you might think, but that’s besides the point. The point is that every DJ has to do this, and probably enjoys doing it. Being able to help out the station that has given us so much feels good, whether it’s volunteering for the station, or donating to the station.

WCBN does not have any full-time employees. Did you know that? We have a few part-time employees to keep things running. Our only part-time permanent employee is our chief engineer. At the heart of the station rests in the amazing volunteer core. Everyone here has unique personalities, ideas, backgrounds, and modes of operation that make WCBN the eclectic station that you love. There are so many people that are here simply because they love WCBN, and they love what it does for the Ann Arbor community. I can’t tell you how good it feels simply to know that I’m able to share something I love with the rest of Ann Arbor. The best thing is that our listenership (and I’m not talking about the beer) is so dedicated to us. They really love us as much as we love them (and we do love them).

The most exciting thing about WCBN is that it provides you with a huge variety of music for your ears to consume. Not to say that it is random, because every DJ hand picks the selections for you, but you have no control over what we play (unless you request something), and so you are experiencing a plethora of music that you never even knew existed (at least that’s how I feel when I DJ). Not only this, but there’s a PERSON behind the music. It’s not a robot, it’s not a system, it’s a real person that might even live down the hall from you that is picking this music, and trying to please your ears.

What is the fundraiser about then? Well, the truth is that running a radio station is not free (unfortunately), and every year we have certain unavoidable costs that spring up (equipment replacement, repairs, getting new music, etc.). This fundraiser is to simply cover these costs, so that we can continue to provide you the best music possible. We also have a specific need to increase our power, which means the range of our radio transmission. This means more people listening to WCBN!

If this all sounds good to you, I would highly encourage you to donate to WCBN by either going to the “Donate” section on the WCBN site, or calling (734) 763-3500 to pledge whatever you can. You can also get some really cool premium, like coasters, mugs, coffee, T-shirts, shot-glasses, etc.