Woody Goss @ Work Gallery

January 18, 2012, 8pm

Work Gallery, 306 State Street

FREE admission and FREE Ugly Mug Coffee

Woody Goss will provide a live soundtrack to projected footage from the 2001 film Winged Migration, a documentary showing the migration patterns of birds the world over.

Then, Woody will be joined by Julian Allen on drums and Katie Battistoni on electric guitar to play songs. All three musicians went through the jazz program at U of M. Katie’s playing is dedicated to the marriage of her twin sister, Julian is playing for what’s left of his innocence, and Woody is playing to world-premiere his new secret technique. A magical gathering, indeed!

An interesting fact that you might not know about Woody, is that he is a former WCBN DJ! One of us, guys!  And he is part of a long tradition of U of M jazzers joining the station as well, so it’s good to have him back. Woody’s worked with many performers around the area,