11:44am: Bags are packed and ready to go. We’re leaving on a [Toyota Corolla]! Don’t know when we’ll be back again!

12:00pm: “I really need a brownie right now.”-David

12:24pm: Heidi and David
H: “Do you have any mustard packets?”
D: “What you think I just have them lying around?”

12:36pm: Pascal is feeding David pasta. My life is complete.

3:34pm: Horseradish cheddar chips, Arizona green tea with honey, and passing a Perkins billboard. That’s for you, car 2.

6:50pm: Frownies! Eating things that are sad will make you happier. We are also going to eat an angry mob which consists of many Frownies and ice cream.

7:01pm: Clown brownie = clownie
Frowny clown brownie = flownie
Aquatic brownie = drownie
Brownie with glasses = townie

7:04pm: “Resting in the back, party in the front.” -David

7:13pm: I’m getting a Frownie!!!!