1:45pm: forgot to liveblog all morning. Will now make up for it. Saw Ira Glass and talked to him and shook hands with him and got a legal ID of him. Same with Tom Scharpling. Talked about memes and radio. Talked about Moraccan music. Talked to some peeps from WPRB (Princeton). Lunch is huge. Best brownie ever.

2:56pm: At a panel for development and paying for projects. Awesome foundation is cool. Kickstarter is cool. Panelists are suuuuper cool.

3:28pm: Kenny G. talking about Ubu.com and avant garde shit. Showing us his record collection. Lots of hard drives.

3:39pm: Ken Freeman and implant talking about The Future

4:26pm: The future is going to be so awesome

4:47pm: nyan cat’s taking over Brooke Gladstone

5:27pm: mayor of rejkavic is here! Whoa! I like this best party. I can get a free picture with Mickey mouse when I’m unemployed.

5:57pm: you can’t have freedom without responsibility. Anarchy is like responsible cows.

7:53pm: Record fair was a success. WFMU shirt and 3, 1-dollar CDs. Now getting a pork belly sandwich with WCBN peeps.

8:36pm: Eating toasted hazelnut ice cream to celebrate it snowing the only weekend we’re hère

10:54pm: Ice cream is warming my soul. Also, apparently I missed meeting Liz Berg. T_T

11:45pm: Going to see James Chance do James Brown ftw.

1:14am: Inflatable spiders and finally James chance

3:43am: cabbing it home to the hotel