9:50am: Had breakfast, putting on a tie and getting ready to hear on the Metro.

10:25am: Actually out the door.

10:30am: Getting on the F line!

11:18am: Central Park!!

11:34am: Rob ignored a busker and now we walk 5th Ave

12:26pm: Cupcakes, hot dogs, and cati rolls outside the Europa Cafe. Hot walnuts are a thing.

12:30pm: Apparently we’re in Little Brazil

12:51pm: grand Central station apparently started a movement of building preservation in America. Thanks tour guide James!

13:09pm: Protestors occupying the front of NYPL

2:46pm: library is huge. Union square is cool. Live blogging while walking is hard

3:14pm: The Strand!!!

3:40pm: too many books. So many books. I love new York and strand. Heading to wall street.

3:43pm: Kmart? I didn’t know you existed in the city.

4:13pm: Occupy Wall Street

5:07pm: Just got so many interviews at OWS. These people are amazing. Now decided on food.

6:34pm: Ukranian food and beer. We are full of nectar.

8:04pm: So many Lps and we’re not even at the record fair yet.

8:05pm: “WCBN. cheaper than heroin.”

8:18pm: About to see Joe Frank, just met Ken Freedman.

9:56pm: Mind officially blown. I’m in love. Joe Frank please marry me.

10:43pm: outside the village vanguard standing in line for Kenny Baron. Kirsten is so so excite.

22:53pm: *Superman and Superwoman run past the Village Vanguard*
Rob: Facists.

12:27pm: Pizza next to VV