6:32am: Coffee. That is all.

7:17am: Listening to ‘Dakha Brakha’ in car no.1 aka car sun (or is it ra?)

7:33am: Dave and Heidi
D: “Are you blogging?”
H: “No.”
D: “Are you sleeping?”
H: “No.”
D: “Well if you’re not sleeping you should be blogging.”

8:23am: Ohio rest stops are intense.

8:32am: Seneca Caverns, “The Caviest Caves in the USA.” Seriously, Ohio?

9:41am: Listening to WTF Podcast featuring stories about poop and drunken Ira Glass

12:08pm: We are at Denny’s.

3:35pm: Listening to Tom Sharpling and driving through the end of Pennsylvania. Woo!

5:26pm: Listening to WFMU on the radio proper! 91.1 really means something now.

5:36pm: Dave and Heidi
D: “We’re going to get slowed down at the Holland tunnel. But I am not afraid.”
H: “We have radio!”
Methinks this will very soon be a new station ID. Imagine it: people in scary situations with fearless expressions holding boom boxes.

6:07pm: While listening to Clay Pidgeon on WFMU their cassette to computer conversion failed so they couldn’t air show. “It’s ok. Our listeners like it when we mess up.” So true. I think WCBN is doing all right if WFMU allows itself to mess up.

6:11pm: “I want to know if GarageBand has phase correction! Find out for me!”

6:46pm: We’ve passed into New York, ladies and gentleman.

7:03pm: Whatever chip tune classical stuff was just playing just killed me. Also: NY IS BEAUTIFUL.

8:23pm: Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn for pizza and beer!

10:34pm: Winding down and planning our days tomorrow!!