Hey WCBNers/listeners/lovers/whatevers.

7 of your DJs are taking a 10-hour road-trip to NYC for WFMU’s Radiovision conference this weekend. There are going to be SO MANY events going on, but here a few with some pretty links for you to click and read articles:

There are a lot of reasons that we’re going on this trip, but the main one is this: to find the future of radio and WCBN. We want to plan the future of our station so that we can show the world that what we’re doing is important, and totally worthwhile.

After this weekend (and hopefully throughout the weekend if we can get some time) we will have a lot of updates, a lot of pictures, a lot of videos, and hopefully a lot of recordings for everyone to listen to.

Also this weekend is the WFMU Record Fair, which is a pretty big deal, guys. I don’t even know how to process this, so I’ll probably be wandering around trying to just absorb it while Paul and Rob swoop in on some records to share with you all. I’m excited to see what they come up with.