If you’re as old as WCBN, you’re probably constantly lamenting the speedy passage of time. We’ll be 40 next year, and we’re planning events to last the whole year so be sure to stay tuned to 88.3fm for details. Also check in on this blog, on our Facebook fan page, and of course WCBN’s website (which will have a fresh new look at some time in the hopefully near future.)

It’s already FALL 2011 so that means we have a new programming schedule. As always, some shows are exactly the same, while others have disappeared or changed times, and entirely new ones have been added to the roster. We are sorry to say goodbye to Tossed Salad on Wednesday mornings, but we are thrilled to have freeform DJ Rory back from his travels in the slot. Also making his 6am-9am debut is Peter, on Sundays with the classical program entitled “Dead White Guys.” K MF R has moved from Mondays to Sundays, and to her old slot we welcome Matt Endahl.

We could go on and on, but why not just tune in and hear for yourself? As of this posting, we haven’t uploaded the Fall schedule onto the WCBN website yet, but it will be there soon once our student programmers have an afternoon to work on it. You’ll know it’s the new one when you see Break Your Radio scaled back to one hour, Krautsiders relocated to Tuesday nights, and a brand new soul/funk oriented show on Friday nights in place of the Friday Night Fish Fry.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Call WCBN at 734-763-3500 for requests. For comments or criticism of the programming, call 734-763-3535 or email pd AT wcbn DOT org. You can message the DJ using AIM; the screen name is WCBNFM. If you want to get involved, you can email training AT wcbn DOT org. Thanks for listening!